Rules 2018-19


1. The league shall be known as :

The Token Pool League





2. The league shall be made up of clubs and pubs that are in the local areas.


3a. The committee formation will consist of a chairman, secretary and treasurer together with a minimum of three general committee members, all of which have the power to vote with the exception of the chairman who only holds the casting vote in the event of a split decision. All members are voted on by the T.A.P.L registered players present at the A.G.M.


3b. The election of committee officers and general members will take place at the A.G.M. Officers elected will stand for two years commencing from that date, the general members will be elected every year.


3c. The chairman or chairperson controls all committee meetings and / or any other business.


3d. The vice chairman or vice chairperson will be selected by the general committee members (not officers) and will take the place of the chairman if he/she is not available. If no vice chairman is established then the secretary takes control.


4. The committee reserves the right to refuse any club/pub or individuals from being able to play in the T.A.P.L, they also have the right to withhold the reasons for doing so.


5. Each team competing in the league shall be required to pay a fee that is determined at the preceding A.G.M. Each team’s fee currently stands at £35 for ALL sites entering the summer league and £35 for ALL sites entering the winter league; this can be subject to change at the A.G.M , or at committee level.


6a. No registration sheets will be accepted without the adjoining fee, this is also the case in the competitions, and nothing will be accepted after the closing dates.


6b. A team found to be playing an eligible player (i.e. not signed on or underage for the league/venue) will lose two points. The match/submitted sheets must consist to the minimum players for that particular season. Any queries regarding signed players then please phone Sarah Comeau (T.A.P.L Secretary)


6c. All team captains will be held responsible for the behaviour of their team members and supporters and it is up to the captain to keep their players and supporters under control at all times. The only exemption to this is if the players or person in question is abusive or violent, then they themselves will be asked to attend a meeting before the committee and this may result in a suspension or a ban from the league.


6d. Any players found to be breaking the rules of the club they are visiting may be subject to disciplinary action and possible suspension from the league. If any player is suspended or barred from a club then the secretary (Sarah Comeau) must be informed as they cannot play or take part in the league until the suspension or barring has been lifted.


7a. Any player acting in an un sportsman like manor , i.e. throwing cues , will forfeit the frame!


7b. All players can now sign on for a team on the night however the league secretary must be informed before the match.


7c. No person shall sign for more than one team per season be it in our league or any other league on the same night. A player may only transfer once per season and if the player has played in a competition for the team he or she is leaving, is no longer eligible to play in that competition unless decided so by the committee.


7d. Players aged 14 and over can sign on to play for a team but captains must take note and abide by the age restrictions of all clubs/pubs as some are over 18’s only. Evidence of proof of age must be given to the T.A.P.L league secretary before the player is signed on.



7e. The results sheet is the sole responsibility of the winning team’s captain, or in the case of a draw the home team. They will hand deliver or send the sheet to the secretary (Sarah Comeau) by the Saturday following the match. Failure to do so will result in the winning team being deducted two league points. The only exemption to this is if proof of postage is provided. In the case of a competition then it may result in disqualifications.















8a. The winter league format for the 2018 season will be as follows:


5 Singles Frames

Gallon Frame

5 Singles frames


Total of TEN frames


Win = 2 Points

Draw = 1 Point

Loss = 0 Points


This is going to mean a minimum of 5 players this season.


The Gallon will not count in the final score on the night but will be entered into a separate gallon league table, the winning team of this table receiving the Gallon Cup for there division at the end of the season.


8b. For every third gallon frame won there will be an extra league point awarded for the winning team . The gallon cup will still be run as a separate results table with trophies allocated at the end of the season.


 9a. The summer league format for the 2019  season will be as follows:


4 Singles Frames

1 Double Frame

4 Singles Frames

1 Double Frame


Total of TEN Frames


Win = 2 Points

Draw = 1 Point

Loss = 0 Points


This will mean a minimum of 4 Players this season.


10. The home teams have to provide a referee for every game and the home venue must pay for all league match games. In the Winter League the home team required to provide food. In the Summer League food is optional.


11a. during any frame the referee’s decision is always final.


11b. During a frame if a ball drops in a pocket when a player has stepped up to take their shot but they haven’t yet touched the table then the ball is put back up where it was and the approaching player plays on with no foul.


12a. All matches shall be played on the Tuesday evening stated on the fixtures, with an 8pm start and shall be played continuous in the stated order until its conclusion. The match must end at 11:15pm (no later), unless you have agreed a time with the venue prior to the 8pm start. If the venue does not agree to a later time (which they have full right to do) then no games may start after 11:15pm and the result at that time stands.


12b. League matches will start at 8pm. If by 8:10pm the first player of the opposing team is not present, signed and ready to play then the frame is awarded to the player present. If the second player is not present and ready by 8:20pm then the second frame is awarded, this ten minutes rule carries on until all frames are played or awarded. The score sheet must still be filled in and signed by the player/players present and sent to the secretary by the Friday after the match.


12c. We have introduced a YELLOW and RED card system. If a team, either home or away doesn’t turn up or cancels a fixture without giving the secretary the minimum 24hours notice with a valid reason, the offending team will receive a YELLOW card. If any team then goes on to do this a second time then they will receive a RED card. Any team issued with a red card will be bought in front of the committee which may result in the team being expelled from the league.

12d. No cancellations are allowed unless at least 24 hours notice is given to the T.A.P.L secretary prior to the match. And it will be up to the secretary in the match can be postponed for any reason.



13. Point allocation is as follows:


Win = 2 points

Loss = 0 points

Draw = 1 point

Gallon = 1 point (if relevant for that season)


14a. Before each frame starts the name/names of the player/players must be printed clearly and signed in the relevant places on the result sheet or the frame will be awarded to the player/players that have signed. Once entered on the sheet then that person must play that frame.


14b. Any players signed on and present for that team can play in the gallon match (winter league only) with the minimum players stated for the league matches applied. Once a playing order for the game is established than this must not change, failure to keep your game order of play will result in a foul being called by the referee.


14c. In a singles frame there is NO coaching or talking about shots by anyone else, to or aimed at the person playing, or a foul will be called by the referee.


14d. In a frame involving two or more players the players can talk up until the point where the player whose shot it is, has touched the table. Talking and Shot time is limited to one minute, after which players will be warned by the referee; if the players do not stop talking and take the shot then the referee will call a foul and award 2 shots to the opposing players.


14e. Non approaching players may not discuss shots out load for the player to hear, or a warning or a foul may be called by the referee and the referee’s decision is final.


14f. A team playing an eligible player will be deducted 2 points and the whole match in question will be awarded to the opposing team. In the case of competitions then it will result in disqualifications.


14g. In the case of teams not turning up for a match then all frames and points are awarded to the non offending team as long as the sheets are filled in, signed and given to the secretary in time. Two points will be deducted from the offending team as well. This is the same in the winter and the summer seasons.


15. Any dispute not settled by the referee or the two captains must be put in writing to the T.A.P.L committee (sent to the secretary) by the Saturday following the match in question. And the letters will be discussed at the next available committee meeting, and the committee’s decision is final. Late letters will not be included in discussions.


16a. End of season divisional promotions and relegations will be determined by the committee with a minimum of two teams and a maximum of four teams going up or down.


16b. In the event of a team dropping out within the season then all points and frames will be awarded or deducted from the other teams they have played.


16c. To decide the league positions if any teams are level on points at the end of the season, it will be the team with the highest overall aggregate (frames won or lost) that will win. In the case of the gallon points being level than this will be awarded equally with trophies going to both teams as this is a separate league table.


17a. All competitions will be played to a format predefined by the committee. All competitions will be played at a neutral venue where possible. A registration fee will be decided by the committee and must be given to the secretary (Sarah Comeau) before the closing date stated on the forms. All Players or teams must be at the venue and signed in at least ten minutes before the start of the competition, failure to do so will result in that player or team being disqualified. In the case of the captains cup then the vice captain or representative can play in the captain’s place but this must be the case for the whole competition. Players are only eligible to play in these competitions if they have been played or been present at least 40% of the league matches


17b. All teams are entered into the knockout cup free of charge and those that are knocked out in the first round of the knockout cup are put into the plate trophy free of charge. When it comes to the final 8 teams then players are only eligible to play in the comps if they have played of been present at least 50% of the league matches.


17c. All captains are entered into the captains cup free of charge, but I must be told before hand if you wish to play your vice captain or representative instead.


18. All perpetual trophies will be displayed in the winning VENUE and is the teams and venues responsibility at all times. The perpetual trophies will be returned to the secretary at least one month prior to the end of season. Winners of these trophies will be held responsible for any damage, loss of the trophy/trophies. Representatives of the team or players must be present at the presentation night or the trophy will not be awarded and they forfeit there rites to the trophy. The trophy/trophies must be also be signed for on the night.



19. Only NORMAL Aramith pool balls to be used in the T.A.P.L and must always be available at the start of the league match. This is unless both teams want to use them, then Pro Cup balls will be allowed. This includes the use of a Shark Rack.


20. In the event of these rules not being relevant to your issue then the current E.P.A rules are to be followed at all times. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to phone the T.A.P.L secretary Sarah Comeau on 07843127404.